Chamber CEO hosted the Leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer KC MP who delivered a keynote speech

A Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes business leader said firms want stability – whoever is in Government after the next General Election – before introducing Sir Keir Starmer at an event in the Midlands.

Louise Wall, Commercial Director at the Northamptonshire Chamber and Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the Labour leader to the stage at Lunaz – a company based at the Silverstone Technology Park, Northamptonshire.

Mr Starmer told the audience of national media and businesses that he wanted to ‘get Britain building’ and that a sound economy would provide the platform to deliver for the whole country.

Louise said: “We listen to businesses all the time and we have also been listening to what the Labour Party has planned.

“There are some things which our members have been calling for, such as replacing the Business Rates system with a fairer one for all.

“We welcome the desire to speed up the planning system to get investment flowing and businesses building.

“It has also said it will legislate to tackle late payments which is holding businesses back.

“These are just some of the measures that our members have been telling us they would like to see and we look forward to hearing more.

“The Chamber is an a-political body that wants the best for business so it’s vitally important that we get our message to all parties and that, whoever is in Government after the next General Election – whenever that falls – provides stability.”

Mr Starmer said: “This is a Labour Party that has broken new ground in our relationship with business. The Party gets the value of private enterprise, and understands working people want success as well as support. We know that borders must be secured, economic stability is the foundation for everything, but that in tough times like ours, we must use the power of government carefully, but decisively.

“We need to stoke the fires of renewal, the pride and purpose I know burns inside communities like this.”