Why Employee Scheduling Software Is More Important Than You Think?


Do you work in the healthcare industry? If so, then you might know how essential it is to keep up with the demands of clinical urgency and a fast-paced work environment.

Think about a time you visited a hospital – You might have seen the nurses always on the move, extremely busy doctors and caregivers running back-and-forth in different departments to attend patient appointments. Healthcare organisations are like a busy beehive and most employees find themselves juggling between various roles within a 12-hour shift.

It is a fact that our healthcare system faces one major challenge – staff scheduling.

Ideally, a healthcare organisation are required to match the number of clinical staff with the patients during each shift. However, the reality is that current healthcare systems struggle with the task of scheduling employees properly, which leads to a waste of time, money and resources.

Moreover, most healthcare administration systems still schedule manually or with digital spreadsheets. Creating manual staff schedules is not only time-consuming and error-prone but they are also hard to keep updated. Understaffing, unplanned emergencies, and last-minute schedule changes are more significant problems. All these complexities impact the quality of care when it comes to the patient experience.

What you need to solve this inherent issue is an automated employee scheduling software to simplify the scheduling process and create an empowering environment for your employees.

What Is Healthcare Employee Scheduling?

As the name implies, employee scheduling software automates and optimises the scheduling process of your organisation effectively. The software keeps track of the time, attendance, leaves, absence and timesheets of employees. Freeing the complex task of organising schedules from the shoulders of managers or administrators, scheduling software helps streamline the overall process, ensure accurate schedules and improves employee satisfaction.

What Are the Key Features of an Employee Scheduling Software?

A healthcare staff scheduling software centralises all your workforce and their scheduling information into a single platform. The key features of an automated scheduling solution include:

● The functionality to generate automated work schedules with customised shift patterns.

● Will increase visibility into your workforce schedule.

● Enforce consecutive work hour limitations.

● Enable employees to view and manage their shifts and to swap shifts electronically.

● An easy-to-use dashboard where employees can clock in and clock out at their convenience.

● Better communication experience through timely notifications and alerts.

● Mobile access for all employees so that they are always in the loop.

● Easy to record the number of hours worked, overtime, missed shifts, breaks taken, and leaves applied.

● Integrated with payroll systems to make month-ends super-efficient.

Why Is Employee Scheduling Software Important for Healthcare Organisation?

Having an efficient staff scheduling system in place is quintessential to the success of any healthcare organisation. Let us explore the major benefits of employee scheduling software. Shall we?

Saves Time and Effort

The greatest advantage of an employee scheduling tool like JMS One is that they save service managers both time and effort. As the software automates manual operation, it cuts down the redundant tasks. With the software, you can copy schedules from previous days, weeks, or even months. So, if all you have to do now is duplicate the schedule you’ve already completed, you can start saving time right away.

Minimises Errors

Human beings are prone to making errors, that is why we need to go for a technology solution that is secure, effective and efficient.

If you create and manage your workers’ schedules with a pencil and paper or a digital spreadsheet, it is all too easy to make a mistake—like understaffing a shift—and not realising it until it is too late. Thankfully, there are many options for employee scheduling applications like JMS One, that provide a variety of features and benefits.

Most employee scheduling software solutions have built-in functionality that notifies you if there are any uncovered changes or if you are understaffed for a specific shift, helping you to address the problem before it occurs.

Adapt Swiftly to Shift Changes

The most significant benefit of scheduling software is that it enables you to adapt swiftly to sudden shift changes.

If your healthcare organisation is still using Excel sheets or manual documentation for creating schedules, then you might understand the trouble. Every time something unexpected happens with your created schedule, the whole work schedule needs to be updated. This process is not only time-consuming but also energy-sapping. But with an employee scheduling solution like JMS One, you can adapt to the changes quickly. The system will make the necessary changes and alert the updates to all the concerned employees right away.

Reduced Expenses

If you wish to keep your healthcare labour costs under control, an automated scheduling solution is a great place to start. You need to find ways to reduce labour costs by eliminating excessive overtime, preventing turnover by ensuring enough rest time between shifts, and efficiently using bank staff whenever necessary.

Healthcare organisations can minimise overstaffing costs and provide better planning for unforeseen demand spikes by scheduling the right number of staff to the right location at the right time.

Increased Employee Engagement

When your organisation has happy and engaged employees, then it would lead to a better quality of care and positive outcomes. Employee engagement may seem easy, but it is important in the healthcare industry, particularly because many studies connect dissatisfied nurses to higher infection rates, more accident falls, and more hospital readmissions.

Giving your employees more control over their work schedules is a perfect way to increase employee interest in healthcare. You relieve your managers of the relentless task of juggling workload with unknown personal schedules by including your employees in the scheduling process. Furthermore, allowing the employees to share their schedule priorities allows managers to spend less time organising and more time focusing on other crucial tasks.

Are You Ready to Automate Your Employee Scheduling?

Now that it is clear that employee scheduling software is an essential tool for your organisation, why not give JMS One a go? Being a modern, intelligent all-in-one workforce management software, JMS One will ease the complexities inherent in your staffing management and make your employee scheduling a stress-free process.

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