The Unique Role of MK Community Foundation: Funding for a Fairer Milton Keynes

“Traditional Community Foundations have a number of characteristics in common. Even so, no two Community Foundations will be exactly alike.”[1]

In today’s business landscape, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an essential component for companies aiming to build trust and maintain a positive reputation within their local communities. Over the years, businesses have been encouraged to integrate CSR initiatives into their core strategies, but today, they’re a crucial part of sustainable business growth.

Despite wanting to give back and make a difference, many businesses often feel unsure about where to start with their charitable giving. Genuinely implementing these initiatives can be challenging, and even daunting, without the right guidance and resources.

MK Community Foundation Lies at the Heart of the City

At MK Community Foundation, we use our deep knowledge of Milton Keynes to help individuals and businesses give back and support grassroots groups through to larger charities alike. Our expertise ensures that funding is fairly distributed across the city’s charities and community groups, maximising the impact of your generosity in the communities where you and your employees live and work.

Our annual Vital Signs MK report offers unique insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by local organisations, allowing businesses to direct their support where it will be most effective.

What Giving Options Are Available?

We understand that every business is unique, and so are its charitable objectives. MK Community Foundation offers a range of giving options to suit different needs:


  • Business Membership: This involves an annual donation that supports targeted community projects. Your membership will be directed to support the causes closest to your and your employees’ hearts.


  • Flowthrough Funds: Donations aligned with a company’s values, fully distributed within a financial year. This option provides immediate impact, allowing businesses to see the results of their generosity quickly.


  • Endowment Funds: Long-term investments that provide sustainable funding for local causes. By creating an endowment, businesses can ensure their charitable giving continues to make a difference year after year, providing stability and growth for charities and community projects.


Join Us in Funding a Fairer Milton Keynes

MK Community Foundation uniquely supports local businesses in their CSR efforts, providing the local expertise needed to make a meaningful difference. By giving through MK Community Foundation, businesses can ensure their charitable giving is purposeful, impactful, and aligned with their core values.

To explore giving options or for further information on how MK Community Foundation can support your business to give with purpose, book a free consultation with a member of the Philanthropy Team here: or by calling: 01908 690276


[1] Sacks, E. W. 2000. The Growth of Community Foundations Around the World: An Examination of the Vitality of the Community Foundation Movement.