Should the Government’s approach to net zero affect yours?

Energy and net zero have been talked about a lot by the Government and other political parties lately. Quite possibly the topic is being used as one of the levers to appeal to secure voters for the next election.

However, Rishi Sunak recently presented a big U-turn on some of the energy policies that feed into the UK’s net zero target. As it stands now, you could be right to wonder whether there are enough policies for net zero to actually happen. TEAM Energy’s, Head of Consultancy, Timothy Holman, discusses whether this should impact UK businesses.

The latest changes to the Government’s green commitments (that may prompt us to question whether we are a nation committed to achieving net zero emissions), included a delay on a ban of new diesel and petrol vehicles to 2035, an exemption to phase out fossil fuel boilers by 2035 – pushed back from 2026, and the delay of changes to Energy Performance Certificates for domestic properties. Despite this, Rishi Sunak has pledged the party’s commitment to the 2050 target and has promised to set out the next stage in their “ambitious environmental agenda” at the upcoming COP28 conference.

However, since discussions and pledges that take place at COP28 may take time to become a reality, the rollback on green measures stands to amplify uncertainty for businesses and potentially knock business confidence and momentum in their own strategic approach to achieving net zero.

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