Do you have trouble recruiting staff for first aid training?


Finding employees to take on the responsibility of becoming a first aider can be challenging. We have produced a poster, which is attached, which outlines the many reasons the prospect of being first aid trained is so attractive.

First aid training transforms a colleague into a potential lifesaver, an everyday hero. Not only are first aiders both legal and moral requisites for a modern workplace; they are also protectors of their friends and family. The ability to help someone or even save their life has applications across one’s life and is far meaningful than just a title. Wider, the presence of first aiders across the UK has a profound effect on the alleviating pressure on the NHS, an institution which has reached crisis point. By offering people assured and reasoned first aid assistance, people trained with Bostock can prevent unneeded ambulance call outs or spot the symptoms early of issues which could become far more dramatic without medical assistance.

Moreover, our first aid courses are enjoyable, rewarding, and informative – just take a look at our reviews! Sending your staff on fun and informative courses helps keeps them enthusiastic first aiders. We do our best to keep the courses entertaining and engaging whilst making sure that the students learn lots and retain their knowledge. Your first aiders will want to keep coming back!

If you are struggling to recruit it’s useful to get feedback from your workforce (either via interview or questionnaire) so that you can take steps to rectify the situation. Once you have identified the barriers you can produce a program that can address the problems. Some organisations financially incentivise first aiders and some provide other motivations such as car parking spaces or social events.

It is important to make sure that your first aiders feel valued and supported. On-site first aid courses or first aider meetings give an opportunity for employees to feel valued and supported by their company by giving them the opportunity to provide feedback on company processes like procedures and training.

First Aid is, when taught correctly, a valuable skill for life: both professional and personal, our annual updates create confident, safer and more capable first aiders. The HSE strongly recommends annual updates, and we will remind you that your first aiders need to retrain each year. We find that first aiders who regularly update are much more confident and willing to continue to be the nominated first aider in the workplace.

It might be worth mentioning to your staff that first aid training can be useful at home as well as at work. They may need to save the life of a family member or friend. First Aid is an essential life skill that they could use at any time.

We have a poster that you could send to your employees or put up on the wall in your workplace, it explains some of the benefits of learning first aid. You can download the free first aid poster here, follow this link:

Written by Bostock Health Care