UK Certificate of Origin

The Northamptonshire Chamber is an issuing authority authorised by Her Majesty’s Government under UK Regulation No.2454/93 for granting or certifying officially prescribed Certificates of Origin, which operates in this regard under the guidance and conditions of the Association of British Chambers of Commerce. The UK Certificate of Origin came into use on 1st January 1973 and is the official form used by exporters when the importers requires or whenever the commercial transaction or customs regulations so require.

Before the Chamber can undertake this work for any company, certain formalities must be completed in compliance with Standard Rules for Certificates of Origin and the following information must be lodged at the Chamber office. A Formal Undertaking which we supply, must be completed and signed by either a Director, Company Secretary or Partner, Proprietor or person duly authorised to act on behalf of the Company. A complete list of all company signatories authorised to sign documents on behalf of the company. It is not in order to authorise oneself to sign unless of course, you are the sole trader proprietor. It is also advisable to have more than one person to sign documents in the case of sickness or holidays.

UK Certificate of Origin Forms are held by the Northamptonshire Chamber and can be purchased by contacting the International Trade Team.

On-line application for UK Certificates of Origin is available Please contact the International Trade Team for full details at

Certification fees are significantly cheaper for members than for non members. Please contact Membership for more details

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