Arab-British Certificate of Origin

The Chamber’s Export Documentation service is an important asset to Arab-British trade. With our valuable links to the Arab British Chamber of Commerce, we are ideally positioned to assist exporters entering the substantial and sophisticated Arab market, encompassing all your certification and legalisation needs.

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It is essential, when exporting to the Arab world, to present the correct documentation. Errors are very expensive, leading to costly delays in payment and in clearing the goods, and even leading to non-payment.

The member governments of the League of Arab States have entrusted the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce with the task of standardising and co-ordinating the preparation and submission of commercial documents, for the export of goods from the U.K. to member states of the Arab League.

The Arab-British Certificate of Origin conforms to international regulations and is accepted by all governments concerned.

Northamptonshire Chamber acts as one of our Agents Chambers. The main duty of our Agent Chambers is to verify documents prior to certification by the Arab- British Chamber.

Arab-British Certificates of Origin Forms are held by the Northamptonshire Chamber and can be purchased by contacting the International Trade Team.

On-line application for Arab-British Certificate of Origin is available through our eCert/aCert website Please contact the International Trade Team for full details.

Cost of certification/ legalisation varies considerably from country to country therefore it is wise to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation from the International Trade Team.

Members can make savings on export documentation. Please contact Membership on 01908 733082 for more details.

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